At Horati we value quality, both in textiles and in prints and details. We prefer using fabrics that are comfortable to wear and last longer than just one or two seasons. This is our way to contribute to a sustainable way of life.

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Our T-shirts are crafted from 100% heavy-weight cotton jersey, ranging from 250 to 300 g/sm. The cotton originates from Portugal and is pre-washed to ensure the fit does not change after washing. Our T-shirts are made to last, and therefore suitable for a sustainable way of life.


For our cross-body bags we chose a high-quality vegan leather, which is hardly distinguishable from real leather. This makes the bags animal friendly and fit for a vegan lifestyle, without compromising on quality. The material is soft but sturdy, neatly finished with strong yarn. Our bags have been tested extensively by our own team, to ensure quality and durability.


For our knitted scarves we selected a 100% acrylic yarn, because it has a soft touch and is very comfortable to wear. The design is woven into the scarf with a jacquard weave. Our socks are knitted from an elastic cotton blend, breathable and made to fit everyone. The fabric is soft and offers ultimate comfort.


Our hoodies and sweaters are crafted from 100% heavy jersey with diagonal fleece on the inside. This texture is breathable and a bit rough, which makes our hoodies & sweaters suitable for both summer and winter season. The fabric quality has been extensively tested by our own team. Made to last and focused on ultimate comfort.

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