We invite you to become part of the HORATI Community, in which a constant exchange of inspiration and expression takes place.


    The HORATI Open Cap in black has an open back and is equipped with a branded adjustable elastic band. This unique style is custom made and crafted from 100% cotton. It features a silver-colored metal Horati® logo on the front side. The open back provides lightness which is perfect for a hot summer day.


    With this drop, we pay tribute to the color blue. Blue symbolizes trust, wisdom and self confidence. It relates to the sky and the sea. Let the Blue Dot become your guide to focus on your own abilities, to be confident and to follow your dreams. 

    Be steady as the sky and strong as the sea.


    This spring, our Horati Community Event took place at Kushiin, our favorite cafe in the centre of Utrecht.

    For this occasion, we released a special Horati + Kushiin collab tee. It features the Kushiin teddy bear logo on the chest and a large graphic print on the back. Made of 100% heavy cotton.