Horati is a fashion label based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Horati was established in 2016 by Ali Hamid, to express his passion for timeless and gender neutral fashion.

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    Our designs lean towards streetwear, with minimalistic influences. We focus on items that are timeless, but unique in their fit, fabric and quality. The beauty of our designs can be found in the details. 


    As a gender neutral brand, the mission of Horati is to contribute to a world without prejudice, without labels and boxes. Every person has their own unique color, shape, mind and soul. By implementing this vision into our system, we hope to influence the general way of thinking, for a better world.


    It is an important mission of Horati to empower the people around us, spreading our vision that everyone is capable of reaching their goals in life. Do not let anyone or anything distract you from what you really want. We provide both the garments and the platform to make people feel motivated, strong and self-confident.


    One of our main goals is to collaborate with creative individuals from different disciplines, and to support them as well. We always aim to expand the community feel, in which an exchange of inspiration and expression takes place.


    Horati releases trans-seasonal drops throughout the year instead of seasonal collections. Stepping away from out-dated systems, we regained a more conscious attitude both in consumption and creative progress. This results in giving more attention to each garment and having less left-over stock.


    Most of our garments are produced in Turkey. This was a conscious decision; it enables us to deliver the quality and durability that we stand for. We carefully select who we work with, always ensured by good working conditions in a safe environment.


The quality of fabrics and prints is our top priority. We believe everyone has the right to own a good garment with high quality — without paying a fortune. That is why we are always sourcing the best fabrics and researching the latest printing techniques.

For example we are working with Portugese manufacturers, who are known to deliver the best fabric quality in Europe. At the moment we are also exploring the market in Istanbul, Turkey. We found some amazing fabrics there, along with smal scale print houses using cutting-edge techniques.

Sourcing fabrics is a never-ending journey. In our opinion, there is always room for improvement. We are already so proud of where we stand now, offering top-quality garments for an affordable price. Try it out yourself!

We invite you to become part of the HORATI Family Club, in which a constant exchange of inspiration and expression takes place.


Born in Kurdistan, Iraq, Ali spent his youth in multiple refugee camps in Europe, where he learned big lessons and values in life. Ali grew up surrounded by many different cultures using clothing as a form of self-expression, which was very enriching. At the same time there was a lot of insecurity, never knowing what the next day might bring. All these experiences made Ali the person he is today. He always had the goal to take every opportunity in life to follow his dreams. Founding Horati was one of those big dreams, which he uses to communicate his optimistic mindset and life lessons to others.

To Ali, Horati is more than just clothing. It is a platform that unites people and cultures, inspiring and supporting everyone to reach their goals, follow their dreams and above all, to spread positivity and love.

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