The Sun drop is all about comfort and quality. The hoodies are crafted from 100% french terry cotton, a sturdy heavy-weight fabric. Our T-shirts are crafted from 100% jersey cotton, with a soft touch. The scarves and socks are made of a soft knit. We pay attention to every detail, every stitch. Quality matters.


    The sun has a central role in Kurdish culture. It is featured on the Kurdish flag and symbolizes the unity of a scattered nation.

    Ali Hamid (the founder of Horati) grew up in Iraqi Kurdistan. To him, the sun represents positivity; a message he wants to spread to the world.


    The SUN T-shirts were made in Portugal, but the graphic print on the back was done by a local textile printing business in Utrecht.

    We love our city and the talents it holds. We are always looking for new creators to work with. You, in turn, can support a local brand by shopping at Horati.

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