This drop is centered around the Nazar symbol. It protects one from the evil eye, shielding against curse through a malicious glare. This symbol is very common in Middle-Eastern and North-African cultures.

Its watchful gaze
is believed to keep safe
from jealousy and harm,
so they are given
to bless and protect
those we truly admire.


    The artwork on the back of the Oversized Crewneck is fully embroidered in Portugal. The sweater also features an embroidered Horati logo on the chest.

    We selected a high quality embroidery yarn so the design will last forever. 


    While the Longsleeve Tee from the Nazar drop was made in Portugal, the graphic prints are done in our own printing atelier in Utrecht, The Netherlands. We love our city and aim to perform our work here as much as possible. The Longsleeve Tee is available in two different print options.


    The Nazar drop is all about comfort. The oversized crewneck is crafted from 100% french terry cotton, a sturdy heavy-weight fabric. The longsleeve tee is crafted from 100% jersey cotton, with a soft touch. We pay attention to every detail, every stitch. Quality matters.

We invite you to become part of the HORATI Community, in which a constant exchange of inspiration and expression takes place.